The Sweet Haven Holy Church of God, formerly named God’s Praying Band, was organized in 1935 under the leadership of Bishop Gertrude Holloman. She exemplified great courage and faith while introducing “Pentecostalism” to the Carrollton community. Many families were saved and joined God’s Praying Band under Bishop Holloman’s ministry. To name a few, the Baileys, the Browns, the Chapmans, the Davises, the Gibbs, the Johnsons, the Robinsons, the Scotts and many, many more. Due to her failing health, Bishop Holloman decided to appoint, then, Min. King David Johnson to be her successor. Upon her death, Min. Johnson; young, strong and full of the Holy Spirit met the leadership challenge head on! He was ordained Elder and later appointed as Bishop of the diocese. The church was doing great and was being blessed but, as usual, when God starts blessing the devil starts messing! Fifty faithful members decided to leave the church!

Bishop Johnson, his wife, Dorcas, his children and the few remaining members held their ground, stayed settled and prayed. Subsequently, new members came and new members left, but the small God’s Praying Band group weathered the storm. In 1966, a new edifice was dedicated to the Lord. Again, Bishop Johnson, his family and a few dedicated members struggled to miraculously move this existing building from the boundaries of Highway 258 to its present location; burned an $80,000.00 mortgage; added the existing fellowship hall and a new annex consisting of the pastor’s study, deacon’s office, and First Lady’s room then finally black-topped the parking area and paid for it before he passed on December 4, 1993. God did not leave His children alone, as He left Mother Dorcas behind for almost four and a half years after Bishop K.D. Johnson’s death to ensure that their sons, Bishop Nathaniel C. Johnson and his wife, Sis. Sharon L. along with Elder Leonard A. Johnson, Sr. and his wife, Sis. Sharon K. and members would be prepared to carry the church into the next millennium. Our church history affords us with the knowledge that this organization was built on a rock! During Bishop K.D. Johnson’s reign, another church was added to the diocese; Sweet Haven Holy Church of God #3 in Watertown, New York where Elder Bobby J. Butler is pastor.

We pray that God will continue to bless this body of Christ and when all is said and done, members of The Holy Church of God would like to hear God say – “WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANTS.” Then, we will be able to say – “THANK GOD, WE’VE MADE IT OVER!!!”