Confession of Faith

WE’RE BELIEVING IN GOD THAT….. People shall be standing in line to get into this church to hear the Word of God! Every seat shall be filled in every service, with expectations of signs, wonders and miracles. Our Sunday morning service, our Thursday night service, and every service that we might have.

Every need in this ministry shall be met, and we will all be 100% tithes givers. All of our property will be paid off in full, and we shall owe nothing to no man.

Every member of this church will be healed, healthy, blessed and prosperous, and we are reaching the world with the Gospel through our prayers and witnessing.

For this will be a prosperous year for us, and the door of success shall be opened. We will succeed in everything in Christ. The door of failure will be closed, and we shall not know defeat (repeat three times).

And being fully persuaded that what He hath promised, He is able to perform in Jesus’ Name. Amen, Amen, Amen!